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Culligan Mid-Atlantic Water is an independently owned and operated commercial and industrial water treatment company. From custom-designed water treatment applications for energy industries and healthcare-related fields to manufacturing and municipal drinking water supplies, our proven water treatment solutions can be found from coast to coast.

Employing an on-site approach backed by surveying and research, we aim to provide the most cost-effective water treatment designs with an eye toward reducing operating costs along with risks.  Whether you're a project or systems engineer or company owner or manager, Culligan is comfortable navigating the landscape of every project regardless of the level of expertise required.

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  • Deionizer
  • Reverse Osmosis
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Medical Center

Culligan has over 75 years experience as a global provider of end-to-end water treatment solutions for a variety of industries—including food and beverage, oil and gas, energy and power, healthcare/hospitals/bio- pharmaceutical, manufacturing and municipal drinking water. From the water used in oil field steam injection, to the high-purity water used in pharmaceutical production—Culligan answers the distinct needs of industrial customers with an individualized approach through on-site surveys,

Industrial Case Studies

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Culligan knows your individual needs cannot change to suit an "off-the-shelf" water treatment system. This inspired the revolutionary modular platform of Culligan Commercial & Industrial, designed to address your particular water treatment concerns within your budget, time frame, and sustainability goals.

Culligan's flexibility encourages overall improved efficiency:

  • Reduce maintenance costs with reliable service from certified technicians
  • Reduce energy costs and consumption with a system designed to your unique needs
  • Maximize production time with one of the fastest complete systems to market
Culligan is the World leader in commercial and industrial water filtration systems
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