Dover Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment

Culligan Mid-Atlantic has a commercial water treatment application for any situation. From custom-designed water treatment solutions for energy industries and healthcare-related fields to manufacturing and municipal drinking water supplies, Culligan's proven water treatment solutions can be found all over Dover. With over 75 years of experience in the state, we have the capabilities to handle a diverse and complicated spectrum of commercial water applications.

We provide high-quality and professional commercial water treatment in Dover. 

Culligan Mid-Atlantic offers water treatment solutions for the following industries in Dover:

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Dover Commercial Water Treatment Solutions

Deionized Water Treatment in Dover

Culligan Mid-Atlantic has a full line of deionization solutions, which we use to create a customized solution specific to your business. Our individually designed models are easy to operate and built to last. With Culligan Mid-Atlantic in Dover you can make sure that your business always has a cost-efficient supply of high-purity deionized water. Culligan Mid-Atlantic is your deionized water treatment expert.

Brine Reclamation & Reuse in Dover

Brine reclamation is the process of reclaiming brine from your tank and then reusing it. Brine reclamation provides your Dover business with cost saving benefits, and reduces your business’s environmental impact. 

Pre-Treatment Water Solutions in Dover

Culligan Mid-Atlantic in Dover supplies a full range of pre-treatment water solutions. Help your business achieve superior levels of performance with preliminary treatment solutions that include multi-media filters, softeners, de-alkalizers and chemical treatment. 

Dover Membrane Solutions

Your Mid-Atlantic Culligan Man provides commercial businesses with custom membrane solutions. A Culligan membrane can greatly decrease turbidity and suspended solids, dissolved solids and organic substances.  

Commercial & Industrial Water Treatment Testing In Dover

Want to know what’s in your business’s water? Give your Mid-Atlantic Culligan Man of Dover a call today. We offer a full detailed analysis for every type of water use. Our team of certified water experts will provide you with initial findings and results on site. We will then send your water to the lab and follow up with a report explaining the detailed imperfections of your current water source. If necessary, we will recommend the perfect water solution for your business.

With a Culligan Mid-Atlantic Water Analysis, you can expect to receive service with:

  • State-of-the-art laboratories
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer service
  • Consistent, dependable data
  • Experienced, trained technicians

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