Service Agreements

Culligan Mid-Atlantic Water is committed to keeping your equipment performing at peak efficiency, and that is why we offer customized service agreement to fit your needs.  Based on your level of water treatment investment, Culligan provides a detailed plan to regularly service and maintain you Culligan water treatment equipment.  We will optimize your system’s performance with monthly and/or quarterly checkups. 

With a Culligan Mid-Atlantic Water Service Agreement you will never have to worry about a future system shutdown.  Our preventative maintenance measures are to insure that we detect any inconsistency in performance before it becomes an issue.  Water purity levels are charted and recorded for system performance.

Our team of Culligan water technicians measure, record, and report the consistency and purity of your system’s water to ensure that your equipment is producing the water that you expect and need to run your business.

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Proper operation and maintenance of your water treatment system are critical for maximum return on your equipment investmento

Culligan Mid-Atlantic Water service agreements offer you peace of mind and are designed to keep your system operating efficiently, while also managing your budget and manpower.

Our service agreements help customers get the most value from their water treatment equipment investment.  Our localized service allows us to schedule service and repairs when and where you need them.

Customers who count on Culligan Mid-Atlantic Water to operate and maintain their water treatment systems can expect to experience the following benefits:

  • Extending the life of your equipment
  • Improved efficiencies in your operation
  • Identify possible issues/problems before they occur, which results in little to no downtime
  • Increased savings on manpower

To Learn more about the benefits of a Culligan Mid-Atlantic Water service agreement, contact us today! 

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