Food & Beverage Water Treatment In The Mid-Atlantic

Culligan water treatment systems are designed to help reduce restaurant costs, decrease the use of detergents and chemicals and can enhance total equipment efficiency and life. Boilers, water heaters, dishwashers, steamers, steam tables, beverages and ice machines are all enhanced by the use of treated water.

  • High purity water for ingredient, beverage and fluid mixing
  • Process water
  • Utility water for production
  • Boiler feed water make-up
  • Clean in place
  • Wastewater minimization
  • Sanitization

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Customized Solutions for Food & Beverage Production

Culligan water treatment systems generate high quality water to the top companies in the food and beverage industry. These integrated platforms are well suited for ingredient, fluid mixing, process and utility water.

Fast to Market Systems

Culligan’s modular designs use pre-fabricated components to produce one of the fastest complete systems to market, while achieving your water quality needs. This reduces the use of capital and environmental resources while minimizing opportunity costs.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Culligan’s modular construction allows Culligan Application Engineers to build a custom system to remove identified organic and inorganic substances that are found in your feed water, important to process waters that have validated QA/QC standards.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

In addition to high-quality water, Culligan products and designs are aimed to increase ROI by selecting modules that lower consumption of resources, while helping provide higher yields. Better quality water and better yields can lead to quicker revenue capture.

Improve Resource Sustainability and Minimize Wastewater

Selecting the correct water treatment modules, such as Culligan’s membrane technologies, can assist food and beverage manufacturers with reduction of discharge. For instance, reverse osmosis treated boiler feed water greatly reduces blow downs, and water softeners that feature Brine Reclaim technology lower wastewater discharge, chemical and energy consumption.

Total Integration Through Advanced Electronic Capabilities

As a cost-effective measure, Culligan Water Treatment systems rely on historical operating data logging, remote monitoring and telemetry that allows customers to examine and trend the performance of their water treatment system.  With access to this important data, customers can take action to foster consistency of production while lowering business risk.

Industrial Case Studies

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