Water is an extremely important part of any manufacturing process.  Many businesses rely on clean, quality water throughout their entire business.  Culligan will work to ensure that your water is a valuable asset and not a costly liability.  Culligan Water Treatment will the increase efficiency of your equipment and process while reducing operating/maintenance costs, reducing waste water, and lowering utility costs.


  • Water Softening & Dealkalization
  • Carbon & Sediment Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Deionization & UV Sterilization


  • Boiler/Hot Water Pre-Treatment
  • Process Applications
  • Cooling & Chilling Systems
  • Drinking Water Appliances

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Successful Production Demands High-Quality Water

Fast Implementation Means Making the Most of Resources

A constant flow of high-quality water is important for successful manufacturing.  Products and services such as Reverse Osmosis, softening, ion exchange, de-ionization and multi-media filtration to produce high quality influent to provide consistency throughout production. Culligan stands out in the industry as having one of the quickest timelines from design to installation. Manufacturers that value consistent production rely on Culligan to deliver advanced water treatment solutions.

Manufacturers can experience the following benefits from Culligan water treatment solutions:

  • Increased equipment and process efficiency
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduced wastewater
  • Reduced scaling in equipment
  • Lower utility costs

A Flexible System to Help Increase Return on Investment (ROI)

Culligan modular designed systems offer the flexibility of numerous treatment options that improve ROI.  Starting with an on-site water analysis, Culligan chooses the water treatment modules, materials and installation options needed to build the right solution for your business’s needs. Culligan engineers review our customer’s specific production requirements, budget needs, and the capital and operating costs related to water treatment.

Reduce Wastewater and Build Resource Sustainability

Improving the efficiency of your manufacturing process starts with a Culligan Water Treatment system.  Our product designs include options to reuse grey water in other areas of your production process.  Culligan allows you to recycle water back to cooling towers, and to reclaim any water used in regeneration with advanced our Brine Reclaim technology.

Superior Electronic Capability for Dependable Production

Culligan uses cost-saving measures such as: operating data logging, remote monitoring and telemetry to examine and trend the performance of their water treatment system.  With access to this important data, customers can take action to foster consistency of production while lowering business risk.

Industrial Case Studies

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